Barb's presentations spark a lot of conversation. She is always informative and provides practical advice. I have received much positive feedback from my staff re Barb's tone of support and affirmation.
Mike, school principal
Barb is a true professional and an inspiring person. Her workshop was rejuvenating, reassuring, and really worth my time. Her talk inspired me to grow personally.
Jennifer, secondary school teacher
Barb's manner is so lively-it's infectious-a very encouraging person, lots of great ideas, easy to listen to, very insightful...get her again!
Steve, elementary school teacher
There are some people who brighten our professional life and Barb is one of them.
Susan, consultant
Barb's passionate delivery and sense of humour make her workshops an event. Our members want more!
Terri, ERW professional association president
Barb inspires! She is a speaker with passion and vision. Barb brings a different dimension to the group.
Gary, university professor