Is This For You?
Are you trying to find something positive in your life to lift your spirits?

Are you tired of holding on to past feelings of hurt and resentment?

Are you ready to move forward to a new life phase?

Do you wish you could step out of your comfort zone and take a few risks?

Live a life filled with joy and vitality
There are no reruns in life. Life has a way of continuing to happen with or without your consent. You do not want to waste a day. The only person you can change in life is you.

Those who take the Six Steps to Joyful Living Program leave with:

  • Strategies for surviving life's setbacks
  • A greater sense of self worth and an appreciation for his/her gifts
  • A more optimistic view of life and excitement for the future
  • An action plan to move forward

Six Steps to Joyful Living
Become the person you were meant to be.

Week One
Loving and Respecting Yourself
Joyful people accept themselves fully.
Self-esteem is joyful satisfaction in simply being who you are. Why do so many of us have such a hard time with self-acceptance and self-love? Why do we convince ourselves that we are not good enough...not worthy of the best life has to offer?
In this seminar you will:
> come to a deeper appreciation for yourself just as you are.
> create a self-image that highlights and reflects your special gifts.
Week Two
Healing the Past...Letting Go of Hurts
Joyful people let go of the past.
To live fully alive in the present moment we must learn to let go of the past. We need to free ourselves from pent-up resentment, pain, anger and guilt.
In this seminar you will:
> look at the physical and emotional costs of harbouring past pain.
> put the past in the past and make room for the present.
> create a vision of life that is free of guilt and regret.
Week Three
Let the Sunshine In
Joyful people are positive thinkers.
We become what we think about. Our thoughts rule our lives.
In this seminar you will:
> understand the personal costs of negative thinking.
> develop strategies for clearing your mind to let the sunshine in.
> discover the power of the Law of Attraction.
Week Four
Using Our Gifts...Realizing Our Dreams
Joyful people live out their true passions and are excited about life.
When are you truly happy? What makes your heart sing? What inspires you?
In this seminar you will:
> discover your real passions.
> unleash your creative spirit.
> identify your true calling.
> take "The Passion Test."
Week Five
Moving On...Taking Risks
Joyful people are risk takers.
When we hold back on life, life holds back on us. Once we find our passion, we need to run with it. Overcoming fear is the first step to moving on.
In this seminar you will:
> identify your greatest roadblock to taking action.
> move out of your comfort zone; get excited and get going.
> feel comfortable about feeling uncomfortable.
Week Six
Faith and Reflection
Joyful people believe in a power greater than themselves.
Belief is one of the most powerful forces of life. Having faith leads to a longer and happier life. Faith silences our fears.
In this seminar you will learn how to:
> increase your awareness of a Higher Presence in your life.
> quiet yourself so that you may hear the Spirit within.
> trust to alleviate the fears of tomorrow.
> gain tranquility and peace amidst the noise of the world.